The world of social networking beckons!

Posted on June 9, 2010


Daily Job Finder doesn’t update its status, it doesn’t tweet or digg, it isn’t linked-in. One time after a pool party, however, it did have a ouija experience and swears that it didn’t move the board. All that to say, that if you’re the type who considers the contents of the web real only once they’ve ascended to the multifarious world of social networking, well… spread the word! We’ll tweet if you tell us you’re out there.

DJF is still in its infancy and isn’t quite yet the precocious teenager that it aspires to be. We’ll do pretty much anything to win you over! DJF is the shy girl in the corner at the high school dance. She listens to better music than the pretty girls and she’s more comfortable in her own skin than the smart ones. Basically, we’re still carving out our niche.

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