DuVine Adventures- Bicycle Trip Leaders in Western Europe!

Posted on June 11, 2010


Daily Job Finder received heads up today that DuVine Adventures is recruiting bicycle tour leaders for positions beginning in July and lasting until October, 2010. They are looking for candidates that are fluent in one or more of the following languages: French, Italian, and Spanish. There’s no mention of the specific regions in Europe that they are looking to place guides in, but based on the languages that they are calling for, the specific countries that they are looking to place candidates in is evident. Their website indicates the regions in each of those countries in which they provide tours.

DuVine Adventures is an action vacation leader and prides itself on delivering the highest standard of customer service to its vacationers. They cater to an upscale customer base and focus on offering luxury around every corner on their trips: from the meals to the accommodations. Trip leaders are expected to be keen on customer service and go beyond the expectations of their vacationers.

If you can see yourself biking through vineyards in Bordeaux or marvelling at the stunning vistas in Tuscany, get  your cover letter together immediately! Tell them about yourself:

1) You have especially strong customer service and hospitality skills and training 2) Ability to start this coming July and finish at the end of October. 3) You are fluent in French, Italian and/or Spanish. 4) You have excellent references and a perfect driving record. 5) You have good energy, while being fun, patient, strong and creative. 6) What is your specialty…Biker, Wine, history, or all of the above? 7) What regions that we offer tours do you know? 8) Why would you be an asset to DuVine Adventures and be great to work with?

The cover letter and CV should be sent to andy@duvine.com and Camille@duvine.com. In your cover letter, let them know why you would be a fantastic trip leader!

For further info, consult their website:


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