Kiva- Data and Reporting Analyst in San Fran!

Posted on June 29, 2010


San Francisco brings it with another great job. Today, Daily Job Finder brings you word of an ad for a Data and Reporting Analyst from the booming non-profit, Kiva.

A little bit about Kiva if you’re unfamiliar: they are an organization leading the microfinance revolution. They connect lenders and borrowers via the internet to enable the fruition of small businesses, oftentimes in the developing world. Often, borrowers seek a small loan that they would not be able able to get from a bank, and the loan can have transformative qualities on their lives.

Check out the ad for all the details of the responsibilities and qualifications of the position. There is no set deadline for the position, but the sooner the better! You can send your CVs and cover letters to, with the position in the subject line.

Let us know if you apply for this position!

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