Meetup- Community Specialist in New York City!

Posted on July 19, 2010


This week kicks into gear with a unique position with a start-up that really puts the social into social networking. Meetup’s objective is succinctly described as enabling people to use “the internet to get off the internet and form a local community”. The position that they’re hiring for is Community Specialist, which is based in their NYC office.

Everything that could be gleaned from the website and job posting suggest that Meetup is an exciting/fun/inspiring/challenging place to earn your daily bread. From yoga sessions, to BBQs, to ex-pats looking for friends from their native land in their new home, users can search groups and join them in the real world. Meetup is a young company that has over seven million members and is still actively growing. The CEO, Scott Heiferman, articulates the company’s mission as “helping organize the world’s people”.

What they’re looking for: someone with an aptitude for many trades; a web-savvy person and with the ability to identify a bug a their site; someone with excellent organizational skills and ability to follow through on their tasks; an eloquent communicator, regardless of the medium or audience;  a passionate person who may very well take over the company, or go on to start their own.

The position is five days a week with some flexibility, with the possibility of telecommuting of the weekend. Applicants should specify in their cover letter what they would like their work week to look like. Interested? You can apply for this position via the ad on their website (link below). With your cover letter and CV, also include a writing sample that gives them a sense of who you are and your writing abilities.

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Good luck!

The link: (working at Google vs. working at Meetup)