Groupon- Reviews Researcher in Chicago!

Posted on August 10, 2010


A little while back we brought you a position with Living Social, the local deal of the day company; that post can be found here: Today we bring you word of an opening with a company that offers a similar service to its customers: Groupon is seeking a Reviews Researcher for their headquarters in Chicago!

Not yet even two years old (launched November 2008), Groupon offers its customers the best things to do, eat, and experience in a array of cities in North America and Europe, everyday. The one catch to the daily local coupon: a minimum number of people need to sign up for it, in order for the deal to be available to the group. The daily descriptions for the discounted product or service are known for their humour.

The role of the Reviews Researcher is to make sure that each merchant that Groupon features has a substantial set of consumer reviews; the attempt is to give potential subscribers to a coupon, a general, yet accurate, sense of the company in question, and the product or service being offered. The position will entail finding articles, awards, other mentions of the company, and bringing that together to form a thorough review section. Writing and researching skills are essential.

Groupon has seen much success in its short history (we’re taking notes!) and is always expanding. As result, this great position could segue into other exciting internal opportunities! If you’re busting at the seam to apply, you can do so via their ad (follow the first link).

Into this company but not this particular job? Be sure to have a glance at their job board!

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The links: (the ad) (watch the video to see how it works)

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