Gowalla – Customer Support Representative in Austin!

Posted on August 19, 2010


The first wave of social networking websites brought together all of your contacts in one digital platform; essentially, they created their own insular worlds. Recently, new sites have emerged that leverage the digital world as means for reconnecting people with the real world. The mission of this new breed of social networking site is to inspire you to discover your city and local surroundings. Today’s company, Gowalla, enables you to tag your location (via mobile device) and to see where your friends have been. This young start-up is seeking a Customer Support Representative for their office in Austin!

The responsibilities of the position entail responding to user inquires via a range of social networking platforms and instant messenger applications. You’ll need: strong writing skills; a passion for helping and teaching; a love for troubleshooting; to be skilled at dealing with beginners and advance users;  an ability to distill complex issues into simple and friendly responses; experience with Get Satisfaction or a similar desk tool; to be comfortable communicating mostly through text.

We’re not going to bother going through all the perks associated with working with Gowalla, but here’s some of the highlights: new matchbook pro, new iPhone with plan reimbursement, catered lunches, and an employee stock plan. From their info page, Gowalla gives the overwhelming impression of being a challenging and inspiring place to work! If you’re interest has been peaked by this position you can send your CV and cover letter to jobs@gowalla.com.

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http://gowalla.com/jobs#illustrator (the ad)