Rock You Media – Community Manager, Redwood City!

Posted on August 25, 2010


Traditional advertising has come a long way since the brash chauvinism of Mad Men era campaigns. While the safe bet still seems to be TV spots (at least for the time being), anyone with quality content can make a buck with Google Ads. Today’s company, Rock You Media, connects companies to audiences through targeted ads in games and apps within various social networking platforms. RYM has an opening for a Community Manager in its Redwood City, California office!

The position entails acting as a liaison between the company and its customers. The Community Manager represents the company externally and relays customer feedback internally.

Responsibilities include: work closely with the developers and learn the product inside out in order to pass on accurate information to the customers; connect with the users through all contact channels to gather feedback and direct their needs to the appropriate department; let users know about upcoming features and changes in a timely manner; use superior judgment and be diplomatic when communicating with customers; appropriately escalate issues, opportunities and other insights to management and executive levels.

Requirements: 1-2 years of experience in online community development; people oriented; net savvy; experience moderating forum discussions; excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Interested? You can apply by filling out the application and submitting your CV through the ad.

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