Cultural Services of the French Embassy – Teaching Assistant in France!

Posted on September 24, 2010


Today we’ve got an exciting Teaching position open to American citizens and residents with a proficiency in French: the Cultural Services of the French Embassy has openings for Teaching Assistants in France!

The program, has the dual objective of strengthening English language instruction in the French educational system ,with the presence of native speakers, and to provide an invaluable experience to future French teachers in the United States. The Teaching Assistants will have a 12 hour work week that may be divided among up to three schools. The TAs will lead either all or part of the class in English conversation.

The TAs net monthly salary is set at € 780, in addition to a 30-55% salary allowance to accommodate for the higher cost of living. There is no other assistance provided for relocation and the TA will be expected to have personal funds for the initial period. In terms of insurance, TAs are covered by the French “Sécurité sociale” which covers 70% of medical costs, 35-65% of prescriptions, and 80% of hospitalization fees in France.

What you’ll need: to be between 20-30 years of age; must have completed at least 2 years higher education by the beginning of the program; must have completed the majority of your schooling in the United States (from elementary to university); must be proficient in French.

Excited? You should be! The next open program begins October 1st, 2011, for a duration of 7-9 months. Check out the website (below) for full details and how to apply.

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