The Plan Tank – Web Designer, Cofounder!

Posted on January 11, 2011


Today’s position: The Plan Tank is a web based startup seeking a cofounder, or two, with technical skills, by leveraging social media (we found out about them through Twitter).

The Plan Tank’s self-description: “what is The Plan Tank? Angel? VC? Nope. We’re an experiment in social team building. We’re entrepreneurs just like you building startups using the connections we’ve developed in social media.  We’re looking for like minded entrepreneurs that have a passion for startups.”

The Plan Tank currently has two ideas published on its website that have the potential to attract attention if executed properly. The first, named the Silencer, is an idea for a social platform, that cuts down the noise and enables information that you want, to find you. The second, called the Silver Bullet, is an idea for a technology, that would reduce the amount of money that would be needed to run a successful political campaign. Both ideas are intriguing, but specifics would need to be discussed directly with the Plan Tank.

Both projects would necessitate producing a demo. The next step would be to attract funding. There exists lots of opportunities for seed funding for exciting ideas that show promise. Y Combinator is an example of an early stage incubator that funds promising startups. TechCrunch has an excellent article by Jason Calacanis (entrepreneur and blogger) on how to demo your startup; take a gander or read the full thing here.

Have the technical skills and the ambition? Check out the Plan Tank’s website for further details. You can reach them via email at to get more details on either of the projects mentioned.

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