Digital Kitchen – Junior Copywriter in Seattle!

Posted on January 12, 2011


Today’s position: D-Kitchen, the digital ad agency, is seeking a Junior Copywriter for their Seattle office!

How they describe what they do: “we create disruptive communication strategies and assets designed for this era. We stimulate and navigate the machines and minds of 21st century consumers by speaking through the most effective portal, device, page, wall, animal, mineral, or vegetable available and relevant to a brand’s message.”

What they’re looking for:

·0-2 years experience.

·Ideas that inspire more ideas. concepts that build brands.

·Excellent writing skills. Strong attention to detail.

·Engaging presentation skills. Desire to collaborate. Sense of humor.

·Ability to work with people in all areas of the business, from producers to creative directors to administrative support. Have an intrinsic respect for co-workers and the desire to be a key part of a talented team.

·Willingness to lose at ping pong.

Interested in what sounds like a fun place to work? You can apply by submitting your CV and portfolio to

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