Craft Coffee – Internship

Posted on January 24, 2011


Stumbling through niche Tumblr blogs, can be a productive diversion from other tasks, if your fabric is a fortuitous one. Today’s position comes to you from the annals of the popular blogging platform: the java evangelists at Craft Coffee are looking for an Intern (or Interns) – your siamese twin, alter ego, or merely your better half – to work out of their NYC office.

Extensive knowledge of specialty coffees isn’t a prerequisite for the internship. The internship is a social media-y one: they are seeking people who have done cool things online and are eager to inspire others about coffee. Beneficial experience includes: writing, photography, design and/or development, marketing, and social media.

The internship is an unpaid one and they’re looking for a two month commitment, with flexible hours. If you can flirt with financial destitution, without going over the brink, you’ll maintain a glow that the devotees of hot yoga shell out big money to achieve every month.

Wanna apply? Email telling them what area you’re interested in and why you would be a good fit. Be sure to include any relevant links.

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