Monocle – Intern

Posted on January 27, 2011


Many positions linger like abandon fruit, hidden within labyrinthine websites, just waiting to be scooped up. Today’s position is the result of a Google query done right: Monocle, the eclectic and refined mag with a global perspective, is on a quest for an Intern to diligently work along side the editorial team in their London office.

Their wish list of qualities in an intern include: interest and knowledge in current affairs, business, culture, and design. Your duh moment of the day is that you should exhibit, at the very least, mild interest in the mag.

The day-to-day involves doing research for both the magazine and online, with the possibility of working on weekly podcast recordings or photos shoots. There’s also a mention of “various duties,” which may involve slaying dragon. Having your own weaponry is advisable, lest you seem unprofessional.

Ready to apply? Send you CV and covering letter to David Michon at

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