Best Burger Toronto – Writer/Critic

Posted on February 1, 2011


A good burger can bridge very nearly any chasm of class or rival loyalties, just as easily as a bad one can magnify the smallest disturbance among eternal lovebirds. If you’re inclined to uphold the truth of that last sentence, then you’ll salivate for today’s position: Best Burger Toronto is searching for like minded ilk to transform the panoply burger experiences in Toronto into more manageable content for consumption on their website.

The website for Best Burger Toronto will have a soft launch mid February and go live March 1st. They’re looking to round out their current team of writers by bringing two more candidates on board.

The part-time position necessitates that you contribute 1-2 articles per month, with potentially more based on the site’s popularity. All food reviewed is paid for and articles are paid at a flat rate. There’s also the possibility of creating videos and other content for the site.

You can send your CV and a short description of why you’re palette is best to describe the varied cadences of Toronto’s beef and buns scene to

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