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Posted on February 2, 2011


The visual arts were once a realm strictly controlled by gatekeepers with wire rimmed glasses and a beret. The digital age has made art much more accessible; Kickstarter is a prime example of this tendency. If you’re an adherent in the belief that art has a role to play in all of our lives, today’s position is a fast ball right down the centre of the plate for you to slug outta da park: Jen Benkman Projects is looking for an administrative intern to work in either their gallery or head office in New York City.

Jack Bekman Projects is a startup who’s mission is “art for everyone.” Simple but effective idea: use the power of the internet to bring art to a larger audience.

JBP consists of three programs: 20×200 – a website that curates limited edition prints for affordable prices; Hey, Hot Shot! – a website that discovers and exposes great photographers; and Jen Backman Gallery – self-explanatory.

Interns will have the chance to cut their teeth in a couple of the following areas: Editorial and Curatorial, Design and Tech, Marketing and Business, Production and Archive, and Gallery work.

Interns work two days per week with one Saturday per month. The position is unpaid, but they’ll compensate your public transit for every month that you work there.

Wanna apply? Send an email with your CV, links to blogs, designs, or anything else you’ve created, and tell them about what you’re looking for in an internship, to; your subject line should read: “Last Name, First Name, JBP Intern”. Specify your ideal start date, what days you’d be available to work, and if you’d like to work in the office or at the gallery.

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