Frontiers Foundation – Educational Volunteer

Posted on February 6, 2011


Prepare to do something meaningful when you get out of school by volunteering your teaching skills: Frontiers Foundation is accepting applications for 10 month Educational Volunteers in Northern Canada, beginning in August.

Some of the benefits include: $50 stipend per week, full medical insurance, reimbursed travel costs within Canada, all food and living expenses while on the project, and adequate winter clothing for the harsh northern winter.

Volunteers can take up various roles in the school, some of which include: tutor Math, Science and English for kids between grades 4 through 12; teach music and drama; assist in public speaking, radio and television communications (grades 7 through 12); teach handy skills (e.g. engine repair and woodworking); help in other capacities, including art, music, and sports.

Interested? You can apply by submitting the application form, recommendation form, and your CV to, with “Re: Education Volunteer Application” in the subject line. Note that there’s an application of $50 when submitting your candidacy.

via Dave’s ESL Cafe

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