Raindance – Internship

Posted on February 8, 2011


Film buffs rejoice, today’s position is for you: the Raindance Film Festival is accepting applications for Interns for their Toronto office.

They’re looking for Interns with a minimum 1 year commitment in the following areas: Social Media and viral PR; media and Public Relations; Editor for weekly Raindance newsletter; video and traditional bloggers to cover Toronto weekly film events for newsletter; post production for video blog and filming live events & course; event management; fundraising.

Perks include: free attendance to Raindance events, discounts on Raindance courses, and access to expertise on how to get your film off the ground, amongst other things.

Wanna apply? Email your CV and the Intern application form to info@raindancecanada.com. (When you hit “attached form” on their site, an email will pop up with all the questions that you need to fill out).

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