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Posted on April 10, 2011


Kiva is currently accepting applications for an overseas Fellowship. The deadline to apply is April 23, 2011.

Responsibilities: work closely with local staff to maximize the host MFI’s partnership with Kiva; facilitate connections between Kiva borrowers and lenders; support Kiva’s product, marketing and organizational development.

What they’re looking for: overseas experience (preferably in developing countries); high degree of flexibility, self-motivation and problem solving ability; cultural fluency and general adaptability; backgrounds in economics, finance, consulting and international development; familiarity and comfort with various web applications; minimum 4-month commitment; fluency or advanced communication ability in Arabic, French, Khmer, Mongolian, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog/Cebuano, and Vietnamese are highly preferred or required for many positions.

The fellowship is an unpaid one; fellowship training will be from august 10-15, 2011 in San Francisco, with field placements shortly after.

You can apply by submitting your application online.

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