SoundCloud – Partner Integration Intern

Posted on July 2, 2011


 The shape and configuration of the music industry in the post-Napster years has been a difficult one to anticipate. Musicians have been caught in the crossfire between record labels eager to reinstitute the old order, and listeners reluctant to spend money on content that they could just as easily download. SoundCloud, which launched in October 2008, offers musicians a new means of distributing their music.

SoundCloud is currently seeking a Partner Integration Intern to work out of their San Francisco office. The role, which requires an equal passion for tech and communication, consists of evangelizing the company’s API and helping their partner companies connect apps and services to the platform.

Responsibilities: help execute platform strategy based on third-party product integrations; manage relations with different partner companies and support their product integrations; evangelize SoundCloud’s API to companies and developers at trade shows and other events.

What they’re looking: knowledge in music technology and/or web-based music services; great communication skills in both text and talk; University degree in engineering and/or business; interest in web technologies and some coding experience.

If the possibility of working with the most visually appealing streaming music service gets you excited, you can apply for the position via the ad by filling out an application.

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